Van Voorhis Federal Ladle

Van Voorhis Federal Ladle
Van Voorhis Federal Ladle Van Voorhis Federal Ladle

Van Voorhis Federal Ladle

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A large Federal period sterling serving ladle carrying the marks of Daniel Van Voorhis, New York, circa 1780. From the book “American Silver in the Art Institute of Chicago,” the following information was gleaned…”In 1775, in advance of the British occupation of New York during the Revolutionary War, Van Voorhis fled to Philadephia and Princeton. He intermittently worked as a silversmith while serving in a local militia company, fighting in the Battle of Princeton. During that time he made silver for the Continental Army as well as the Continental Congress, even counting Martha Washington as one of his clients. After the British troops evacuated New York in November of 1783, Van Voorhis, like many New York patriots, returned to his city, commencing business full-time as a silversmith, jeweler, and luxury goods dealer." This ladle is in very good condition for its 200 years of age, featuring a hand-hammered bowl and simple bright-cut embellishment to the handle and around the vacant monogram cartouche. Measures an impressive 14.5" in length with a nearly 4" diameter bowl and weighs over 6 ounces. 

Dimensions: 14.5" x 3.75"

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