Original Titanic Memorial Print

Original Titanic Memorial Print

Original Titanic Memorial Print

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Original 1912 print of the S.S. Titanic produced by Tichnor Brothers of Boston, Massachusetts shortly after the sinking. In the haste to get these prints produced and out for sale, a few factual errors were made. The print states that there were 2,340 passengers on board when in fact there were 2,223, and it also states the Titanic struck the iceberg at 10:25 p.m. when the correct time was 11:40 p.m.. There is a small inset map in the lower left margin showing where the vessel sank, and on the right is descriptive information. Interestingly, there is also some artistic licence taken with the image itself. Although the Titanic had four funnels, only three of them were functional -- the fourth was added merely for symmetry and visual appeal. The fact that this print shows smoke arising from all four funnels stretches the truth. 

It has been confirmed that these prints were sold door-to-door throughout Nova Scotia in 1912, and they were sold unframed. This example appears to have been framed shortly after it was originally purchased because the frame is of the early 1900's period. Overall condition is quite good with only some very minor spotting to the print. Image size is 14" x 22" and the total framed size is 17" x 25". 

Dimensions: 17"x25"

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