Fogo Island NFLD Sampler

Fogo Island NFLD Sampler

Fogo Island NFLD Sampler

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Newfoundland children's embroidered samplers are not all that common in comparison to examples from other parts of Canada, and to find this little one from Fogo Island is truly a feather in the cap. Considering life on Fogo Island was a non-capital-accumulating existence based solely on sustenance it's amazing works such as this have survived. Fogo Island was essentially independent and isolated from the outside world and in fact didn't even have a town council until about 50 years ago.

This sampler was done by Keturah Gard in 1882, at the age of 10. There's a fair bit of charm in this simple work -- Keturah had some extra space after she finished her line of numbers, so she chose to add the phrase "Be Kind." The sampler is centered by a verse which reads:

Around the throne Of God a band

of Glorious Angels ever stand,

Bright things they see, sweet harps they hold

And on their heads are crowns of Gold.

The lower third features the key elements we like to see in an identifiable sampler -- a name, a date, and a place. 

Online genealogy sites list Keturah as being born in 1872, the daughter of Charles Gard and Amelia Irish. Keturah's father Charles was born in Somerset England in 1828. Early in adult life he moved to Fogo and started a cooper's shop there. At the age of 18 Keturah married Fogo Island blacksmith Martin Humphries in 1890. 

In recent years the sampler has been framed and backed with a piece of acid free foam board. Acquired directly from a Newfoundland collection. 

Dimensions: 10"x16"

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