Diamond Dyes Cabinet

Diamond Dyes Cabinet
Diamond Dyes Cabinet Diamond Dyes Cabinet Diamond Dyes Cabinet

Diamond Dyes Cabinet

Ref: 8289


Fine circa 1900 oak general store display cabinet with original lithographed tin advertising sign for Diamond Dyes. These cabinets were provided to merchant stores as a premium if the merchant order $20 or more of their product, which would've been a considerable amount in its day. 

These cabinets were made with several different lithographed insets, of which this is one of the more difficult to find. This particular graphic is called "Evolution of Woman" and shows a girl from birth as she ages through time to an elderly lady. There is some wear to the finish on the tin but this is in quite good condition overall. It is important to examine these cabinets closely as they can be inset with reproduction signs -- this cabinet door has undisturbed backboards as well as the original inspector's stamp inside -- we guarantee it is an original sign. 

The interior has two shelves remaining and the dividers have been removed so the cabinet can have more functionality. This piece would be ideal for storing sewing supplies, as a spice cabinet, a bathroom cabinet, or it could even be used as a plant stand or end table. It meaures approximately 23" wide x 30" tall and 10" in depth. 

Dimensions: 22.5"x30"x10"

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