Sliding Lid Ditty Box

Sliding Lid Ditty Box

Sliding Lid Ditty Box

Ref: 4458


A pine sliding lid ditty box with excellent wear and colour. Some square nails with round nails added. We are referring to this as a ditty box as opposed to a candlebox because there is a small open till inside, similar to what you wind find inside a blanket box. As well, the considerable wear and quantity of early added round nails suggest this box may well have spent time at sea. Boxes that went to sea often have many of the square nails nearly corroded away by the moist salty air, hence the addition of multiple round nails, which also look to have been there for at least 100 years. We estimate the box to have been made circa 1850-1880.

Dimensions: 11.5"x6"x4.5"

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