Mi’kmaw Chief Jerry Lonecloud

Mi’kmaw Chief Jerry Lonecloud

Mi’kmaw Chief Jerry Lonecloud

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A rare circa 1920 framed real photographic postcard depicting Mi'kmaw "Chief Jerry Lonecloud" and his wife. The only other example I can find of this card is in the Nova Scotia Archives. Early 20th century N.S. Archives historian Harry Piers's accession book entry regarding their example reads "Photograph (3 3/8 x 5 3/8 inches) of Micmac Indian, "Doctor" Jeremiah ("Jerry") Lonecloud, alias Luxey, alias Helselmah (his Indian name), and his Malicete Indian wife Sarbet (i.e. Elizabeth), both in native costume. Lonecloud wears an ornamented [broadcloth] coat and head dress which he borrowed from Micmac Indian Tom Malloney, son of late Stephen Malloney. The coat is said to be about 75 years old (in that case made about 1848, but I do not believe it is so old), and belonged to Stephen Malloney, who wore it when he met the Prince of Wales at Halifax in summer of 1860. The coat is very frail now. Stephen Malloney was a great guide, and used to go hunting with Col. William [Chambly] and also with Lord []. The knife at Lonecloud's belt, is a modern one made from a moose's []-bone. Lonecloud's wife wears a jacket and skirt which she borrowed for the occasion from the Provincial Museum (accession numbers 3210 and 3576)."

The example we are offering is mounted within a period chip-carved frame. Dimensions include the frame size. Some colourful background information on Jeremiah Lonecloud can be found online and is well worth the read. 

Dimensions: 7.5"x9.5"

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